Open-Source Single Weight Display
Rounded counters taper into sharp points
Inspired by bell bottom jeans, typeface features flared stems
Tapering creates a unique optical effect

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Then the wolf, having satisfied his hunger, lay down again in the bed, went to sleep, and began to snore loudly. The huntsman heard him as he was passing by the house, and thought, “How the old woman snores- I had better see if there is anything the matter with her.” Then he went into the room, and walked up to the bed, and saw the wolf lying there. “At last I find you, you old sinner!” said he; “I have been looking for you a long time.” And he made up his mind that the wolf had swallowed the grandmother whole, and that she might yet be saved.

So he did not fire, but took a pair of shears and began to slit up the wolfs body. When he made a few snips Little Red Riding Hood appeared, and after a few more snips she jumped out and cried, “Oh dear, how frightened I have been! It is so dark inside the wolf.” And then out came the old grandmother, still living and breathing. But Little Red Riding Hood went and quickly fetched some large stones, with which she filled the wolf’s body, so that when he waked up, and was going to rush away, the stones were so heavy that he sank down and fell dead.

I brought you some cake and wine. Please open the door.

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