We strive to be a resource for type knowledge and a platform for designers to connect with fellow journeymen.


As young designers, we want to challenge preconceived notions of what it means to work and play with, as well as think about type. To deconstruct type, in other words.

Get To Know Us


DOT was created as a passion project by three students. Encouraged by our learning experience, we wanted to connect with fellow designers to share our knowledge and collaborate.

What we hope to achieve

As a collective, we hope to represent young local type designers and be a springboard for type enthusiasts to explore their interest in type.


We host creative workshops for type enthusiasts of varying experience levels. Take a look at how they went!


Confused at how to start? Browse our explore page for readings and resources to kick things off!


Our foundry publishes open-source typefaces designed by local students, from reading type to display faces.

Collab With Us

At this point, we are sick of each other and really need new friends. If you love type and want to connect, join our workshop or drop us an email.